Friday, 25 July 2008

For Fiction Friday

The prompt was to create a character around an illness we've had or have, and (try) and make it humourous.

Once upon a time Anghared had strep thoat. For three days and three nights she lay in her bed, fevered. And seeing spots.

The doctor said they were a result of the fever. Drink more fluids and don't worry, my love.

But the spots, they wouldn't go away.

Anghared saw them on the bus; she saw them on the train. In the halls of university; at band practice. Even on her favorite stray moggy.

Why fight it, she thought.

In a weekend her outside became as her inside. Spotted dresses; spotted shirts. Spotted shoes; spotted dog. Even her flat was spotted; large spots on the walls, smaller spots on the duvet and shower curtain.

Anghared lived in a kaleidoscope of spots.

And she lived happily ever after.


Annie said...

I love modern faerie tales... who is to say those spots weren't there before she became ill?

K. Whitton-Williams said...

Spots. Very nice. Very very nice. This made me smile.

K. Whitton-Williams said...

Thanks for your comments on my Fiction Friday post. . . I just noticed from your bio that you're from caerphilly. . . I visited there once - September 1983. Walked through the castle as darkness was falling. I was worried the tower might do the same. Saw that you wrote about Saratoga, NY too. My dad brought me there when I was 9. He had a friend who was a trainer. Hopefully I'll see you again on Friction Friday.