Monday, 5 July 2010


a ribbon of gold
a haze of heat shimmer.
straight west
the path to promise.
another road to follow.
what lays over the hill
every turn an adventure
traveling, never stopping.
the call of the road
this American dream,
riding the backs of monsters
riding freedom


All my days I dreamed
ants tickled my feet,
unloved by her.
I looked like my mom,
my mom who had no family.
a scar across her neck
whispering to stop,
not to return until dusk.
my mother cried lonely
society failed her.
girls don't go to collage
lesbians are ill.
we escaped from the world
moving, always moving
then she left.
sucked the blood through my teeth.
she never held us close
solid but not there
freezing into stillness.
in dreams there is death
sitting alone, sitting lonely
imaging things that keep everyone away
everyone lonely