Thursday, 19 January 2012

Into Space

A word I used to hear all the time--freak. As in 'you're a freak,' 'freakface,' 'creepy freak,' 'freaks like you...' It doesn't bother me, not anymore. Not since I became a bird.

Not since I learned to fly.

Crouching low, balanced, sliding downhill. Faster and faster, faster. Staying balanced, arms back. Arms like wings. Going faster, going down. Getting ready, waiting while moving; still while flying down the slope.


And then, that tiniest sliver in time, the one that says either you will fly or you will crash. The moment the inrun ends and I spring. Into the air, the sky holds me, cushions under my skies, my wings.

And I fly.

Away from gravity, away from those old hurtful words. I AM a freak. I am a bird. I am a ski jumper.

And I can fly.


Brian Miller said...

nice...accepting ourselves...freaks or otherwise is a beautiful free...smiles.

Writer's Daybook said...

I really like the progression at the close of this piece. Nicely done.

Wayne Pitchko said...

like what you have done here....thanks for sharing your words

Mrsupole said...

It is funny how the meaning of words can change. When I was in high school way back when, a freak was someone who was so much more beautiful than everyone else. I think they even came out with that song, Super Freak, or something called that.

But it is nice that you got your wings and learned that you are as beautiful as the swan in the lake. There is beauty in everyone and everything.

Thanks for playing with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. Looking forward to your post about next weeks new theme.

God bless.

Sheilagh Lee said...

I am a ski jumper and I can fly. that says it all why they do the sport.

Veronica Ridgeway said...

~fly on my freaky friend!!!! ;c)Wonderful!!!