Monday, 11 October 2010


She rode the train, a child hobo.
There was no going back, no moving
forward. Carlisle had raped her Soul.
She rode the white man's horse.

A note to this: Carlisle was the most notorious Indian school at the turn of the century, forcing Native American children to leave their families on the Rez and was a form of cultural genocide that the US gov. used.


Peggy said...

Good take on the picture this week.
Good job!

Sylvia K said...

Interesting and great take on the pic of the day! Hope you have a wonderful week!


Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Dark Poignant thought. They did it to the First Nations People in this Country as well. Sometimes I am ashamed of my Country.

Pat said...

So sad what happened to those children. Well written MM!

Dave said...

This could just as easily be about the Carlisle that is a little closer to home.

Dave Wrote This

Prayer Girl said...

Wow, a very short MFM as is the nature of it, but oh so powerful. Very well thought out and written.



Ellie said...

This is so sad. A moving MM. Well done.

Sioux Roslawski said...

It's amazing how each story is so unique. Very sad one...

Jim said...

Good story, Lenore. I learned something new. I didn't even know about the Indian schools. We had a reservation about 20 miles from where I grew up so I did know Indians.
Been there, done that in a way. Riding the "white man's horse" sounds very humiliating but one has to do what he/she has to do to 'stay afloat.'
I'll tell about it some time (hint, white man was my ex-wife, the horse was our family car before the split).
We've not been to Wales. Our daughter and her family have moved to London so we have hopes for a visit to Wales. Yes, been there, to Britain, Scotland, Ireland, and Isle of Man. My Grandfather Corkill's kin came from IOM.

Jim said...

One Single Impression is using Lonely as a prompt for this week. I read your poignant tale (Lonely) before returning to your MFM. Although another sad poem, it is written very nicely.

My attempt is here (The little boy, 1st person writer, is not me or anyone I know. I did ride to Missouri in the back seat of a leaky old Chevy car.):
Jim's Little Photo and Poem Place