Monday, 5 July 2010


All my days I dreamed
ants tickled my feet,
unloved by her.
I looked like my mom,
my mom who had no family.
a scar across her neck
whispering to stop,
not to return until dusk.
my mother cried lonely
society failed her.
girls don't go to collage
lesbians are ill.
we escaped from the world
moving, always moving
then she left.
sucked the blood through my teeth.
she never held us close
solid but not there
freezing into stillness.
in dreams there is death
sitting alone, sitting lonely
imaging things that keep everyone away
everyone lonely


Amity said...

oh so lonely Leonore...

i could even feel...

very well written verses on loneliness, but is this real or fiction?

Harshad mehta said...

I think and hope it is a fiction. So well describes a lonely state of mind. Chill pass through bones.
Well done.

Lenore said...

it's actually, and sadly, all true. My mom was born when it was a mental illness to be gay (she's a lesbian) so she got married and tried to live that life; left and came back all through my childhood; lost her thyroid gland and her voice for awhile, and just spent a lot of my and my brother's childhood pushing us away.

Teresa said...

Your poem certainly does convey the loneliness of being outcast and living in a manner that isn't true to the heart. I hope she eventually found happiness and could become a mom to you. Very touching to share this personal experience.

Sweetest in the Gale said...

This was so sad and poignant...the loneliness was so vivid in your words. Achingly beautiful poem...

gautami tripathy said...

Achingly vivid..

dad, farther and farther away

Ramesh Sood said...

That's Sad.. but the good thing about dark clois that after they melt you look at the brighter sky.. I am sure .. liked your poem and the truth.. you are courageous.. hats off to you...

Patti said...

I feel the intense lonliness in your poem- beautiful. The most difficult of stuggles help make us who we are right now.

gabrielle said...

"She sucked the blood through my teeth
then she left"

concentric circles of loneliness, longing for a mother’s love
Different circumstances, but I live with the same story. The worst was the coming and going. I suppose they had their reasons.

a finely crafted poem, deeply moving.